5 Strategies to Test Self-Employment before Committing

America is shifting from a W-2 economy to a 1099 economy. Good jobs are difficult to get and more demanding than ever. More and more professionals are turning to self-employment to regain their freedom, lifestyle and dignity. Here are five strategies to test the self-employment waters before jumping off the boat.

1. Write a value-added report and post it online.

A dentist in Boston wrote a 20-page ebook called “Healthy Mouth, Healthy Sex” and gave it away on her blog. Her annual revenue grew from $150K to over $1MM.

2. Create a Facebook Page and advertise for “likes.”

Target members of similar Facebook pages and allocate a $20 daily budget for one month. It will cost you $600 and you’ll end up with a big audience quickly.

3. Create a blog and integrate it with Facebook.

Announce your blog posts on your Facebook profile (or preferably, your Facebook page) and be sure to use the “Facebook comments” plugin to encourage interaction.

4. Record an educational video and post it on YouTube.

Be sure to add your contact information at the bottom. Make it no longer than two minutes and consider paying money to promote it for relevant keywords.

5. Post 50 intelligent comments on a relevant forum.

You can easily post one comment every 10 minutes so 50 comments could be done in a day or two. Include your phone number in your forum signature.

Self-employment isn’t easy but its way more rewarding then a traditional job and you’re in control of your own destiny. Test the waters first. But if you get even a lukewarm response, consider taking the plunge and saying good-bye to rush hour traffic and the ever-present threat of pink slips.



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