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Marketing Shortcuts Book

“Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed” (2011, Wiley) is now available for pre-orders on Amazon. They have the hardcover book on sale for only $14.93 (discounted from $21.95 retail). Click here to buy a copy.

Here’s the deal …

Pre-order 1 copy: receive a PDF file (via email) with 78 worksheets, one for every chapter (except the first and last).

Pre-order 3 copies: receive the PDF plus a CD that I recently recorded entitled “How to get booked as a Keynote Speaker” (via USPS).

Pre-order 10 copies: receive the PDF, the CD and my 6-DVD home study course entitled “Social Media Victories” (via USPS). Original retail price: $299.


Pre-order the book(s) on Amazon and then forward the confirmation email to my own personal email address:

Personal Email


“Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed” is an expanded and updated version of “Webify Your Business”, my 2nd book. Webify had 60 chapters. I deleted 6 and then added 26 new ones, bringing the total up to 80 chapters. But that still means that 54 chapters are virtually identical to the Webify book. The 26 new chapters cover social media (including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube), Google codes & alerts, outsourcing, negative comments, Google Places, guest bloggers and event marketing. And just like Webify, every chapter ends with an itemized to-do list.


Pre-orders are super important. The retail buyers look at pre-orders as an indication of the book’s potential. That determines whether or not they put it on their store shelves. And of course, if it’s on store shelves, that dramatically increases the odds of the book doing well. So pre-orders directly impact the book’s eventual success … and I sincerely appreciate your help!


I am very excited about this book. It’s the culmination of 3 years of my life. Please consider pre-ordering a few copies. It makes a spectacular gift for self-employed friends or colleagues and the feedback on Webify – the original version – has been incredible. Your pre-order helps me directly and I am grateful for your support.



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