Break the Failure Cycle and Finally Reach Success with Brute Force

photoYou might find a column I wrote for Dan Schawbel’s Personal Branding Blog of particular interest.  See what you think:

Who annoys you?  Who frustrates you because they’re more successful than you but they don’t deserve it?  You’re smarter.  You work harder. You provide more value.  Yet, for some reason, they have achieved success and you might still be struggling … and it drives you crazy.

Luck on your side?

I’m obviously assuming that you are, in fact, struggling. That might not be the case. You might be rockin’ and rollin’ at this point. If so, you’ll appreciate this message even more. So for now, remember back when you were first getting started, and play along.

Everyone can think of somebody who seems to have it easier than they do; somebody who seems to have luck on their side. The reality is simpler yet also more unfair than you might think. The sad truth is that those people already have some success behind them, and that success changes everything. It gives them confidence but more importantly, it gives their … read the full column here




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