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Join (or start) a club! This book is the perfect guide to building your online identity, but you will get FAR more from the process if you do it with a friend or business colleague. Clubs are forming where self-employed service professionals and small business owners are getting together to work through chapters in a collaborative setting. At every meeting, two members are providing their own case histories of how they incorporated any particular chapter into their businesses, and each presentation is followed by an evaluation by someone who has gone through that chapter before. Join the community!

This Club Manual is a living breathing document. People just like you are making suggestions on how to expand and improve it, and we are working as hard as we can to incorporate those changes. To receive updated versions of this document as they become available, please subscribe below. We will NEVER use this email list for ANY reason other than delivering updated versions of this manual.

If you know other self-employed service professionals or small business owners who might be interested in joining (or helping you start) a club, please pass the Club Manual along to them. It is being provided free of charge. Hep us spread the word.

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