Comparing Google+ to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Google Plus

Google+ has combined the best features of Facebook and Twitter. Like Facebook, users can establish closed relationships where both individuals include each other within their circles. This allows users to share personal information with family and close friends. But like Twitter, Google + also supports a one-to-many broadcast model where users can share announcements to a larger audience. As such, Google+ represents a threat to both Facebook and Twitter. Finally, the user interface is clean and intuitive, making it easy to use.

Google+ does not provide an effective way of sharing past and present work history as LinkedIn does. The primary advantage of LinkedIn is the advanced search capabilities. At a basic level, LinkedIn allows users to search by job title, not possible on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. But the advanced search on LinkedIn goes far beyond this basic capability, setting it apart from the rest of the pack. As such, Google+ does not represent an immediate threat to LinkedIn.

The opportunity for Google is to connect all it’s various services (including analytics, maps, search, youtube, voice, buzz, blogger, reader and docs among others) with the Google+ social network. Done properly, the resulting functionality could threaten all competitive platforms over time.



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