3 strategies to get more followers on Twitter

Someone asked me today (on Facebook) if I had any suggestions on how she might increase her number of followers on Twitter. Here is the advice I gave her:

First, proactively interact with and follow the types of people you would like as followers. Some percentage will follow you back, increasing your following. The more relevant and interactive you are, the higher the percentage that will follow you back.

Second, hold some sort of contest or provide an incentive structure that requires them to follow you. For example, you could have a contest where the winner is announced via Twitter and if they don’t claim their prize within 24 hours, another winner is selected.

Third, simply start encouraging people to follow you … on EVERYTHING you do. So include a link in your email signature, on your website, in press releases, on free PDF reports you give away for free, at the end of videos you upload to YouTube and on your business card. Over time, that will have an effect as well.

What have I missed? If you have any other ideas, please include them in the comments below.



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