My First Professional Speaking Demo Video

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After four years as a professional speaker, I have finally got a professional demo video to help me market my services. I hired a great videographer named Cony Manriquez and flew him all the way to New York City to record an event I did for Time Warner Cable and Bloomberg TV at the New York Institute of Technology.

He knew exactly what I wanted. We modeled the following video by Robert “Waldo” Waldman, a successful keynote speaker who relates lessons learned as a fighter pilot to the complexities of today’s business world. His video is excellent.

The goal was to create a 4-minute “sizzle reel” about this one event, the location, the people in attendance and the topic covered. It would’ve been great to include clips from some of my recent TV interviews but the stations rarely provide the high-resolution footage and we wanted to ensure the video quality was consistent throughout. Here is the final product:

I am now getting 500 DVDs produced and sending them to speakers bureaus, association management companies and corporate meeting planners around the country. I have a second list of 300 people internationally but that will come later. For now, I want to get my new video in front of the right eyeballs before the holiday season.

As mentioned in previous posts, video is the most important marketing tool in the speaking business. I truly believe that this higher-quality demo video could double my revenue next year. The next project will be a complete revamp of my speaking website. Once complete, it will feature this video, front and center, right on the homepage. Stay tuned.

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