DATE:   July 22, 2011

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SACRAMENTO—Patrick Schwerdtfeger (, a regular speaker for Bloomberg TV and author of Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed (2011, Wiley & Sons), will share proven successful secrets to attract new business using social media technology, on August 12, at the uLink Network Distinguished Speakers Series conference.  Entitled “Low and No Cost Ways to Market Yourself and Your Business,” the event runs from 9AM to 4 PM and is structured to be fast-paced and informative.

Schwerdtfeger will talk on “Social Media Victories – Real Businesses, Real Campaigns, Real Results.” As a keynote presenter on modern entrepreneurship, online branding and the social media revolution at conferences and business events around the world, Schwerdtfeger is known for his ability to engage an audience and deliver practical, immediately applicable, marketing tactics and shortcuts using social media.

From Schwerdtfeger, attendees will learn such useful insights as: the remarkable impact on business growth when proper social media marketing tactics are used; effective, proven tactics to attract new clients on Twitter and Facebook;  how to triple click-thru rate by including the right link formats in Tweets; ways to repurpose articles and blog posts to attract clients in LinkedIn groups; simple tricks to get high rankings in search engines; examples of what companies in different industries are doing in social media to attract new customers; the critical differences between Facebook profiles, groups, pages and much more.

“We are shifting from a W-2 economy to a 1099 economy,” says Schwerdtfeger, referring to a high unemployment rate of more than 9.2% and a growing number of unemployed who are considering self-employment in order to survive until they land another job.

“The problem is that most self-employed people blow their entire savings before gaining traction,” Schwerdtfeger adds.  That’s the motivation behind writing his latest book, which takes readers from concept, to simple business plan, launch, and low-cost sustainable marketing that effectively leverages the power of social media to attract customers and new business.  The book features 80, two- and three-page chapters that deliver immediately actionable strategies and tactics for marketing success; a much expanded version of his talk.

Commenting on Schwerdtfeger’s newest book, the author of Rules for Renegades, Christine Comaford, notes:  “This is a zero-fluff book.  The three-and four-page chapters avoid all the unnecessary discussions and cut straight to the action: where’s the opportunity and how do we capitalize on it?”

ULink conference coordinator Jenifer Novak Landers agrees and was intent on having Schwerdtfeger as a speaker at the network’s first conference.

“Several of us have seen Patrick speak. I’ve heard him twice,” Landers explains. “In June, he spoke at the Sacramento Speakers Network and we got such great feedback from that event, I knew I wanted to have him back up here.”

She adds: “Patrick’s speaking style is very authentic, down-to-earth, and he’s creative and brilliant on his topic. The first time I heard him speak, I walked away with too many ideas to count!  I’m not typically someone who races to the back of the room to buy books or talk with the speaker, but I did that with Patrick!”

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About Patrick Schwerdtfeger:  Consistently ranked among the top speakers at any event, Patrick Schwerdtfeger is an award-winning speaker for Bloomberg TV and author of Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed: Leverage Resources, Establish Online Credibility, and Crush your Competition (2011, Wiley & Sons). His two prior books are: Webify Your Business: Internet Marketing Secrets for the Self-Employed (2009) and Make Yourself Useful: Marketing in the 21st Century (2008). Schwerdtfeger is founder of the thriving, Berkley-based Entrepreneur and Small Business Academy, one of the 50 largest entrepreneur groups in the nation.

He speaks about modern entrepreneurship, online branding, and the social media revolution at conferences and business events around the world. His books have been featured by the Associated Press, New York Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, National Public Radio’s Here & Now program and Authors Unscripted, to name a few.  More information may be found on

About uLink Network: uLink Network is a locally based referral and leads membership organization of business professionals with a fully integrated web interface for social media, including a mobile app.  Click, connect, and build your business.  Its that easy.  More information may be found at









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