24. Advanced Content = Revenue

When categorizing your content, your advanced content is designed to bring in some profits! The beginner content is free and builds trust. The intermediate content builds your email list. And your advanced content is where you finally make some cashola. Keep in mind that all of your beginner content needs to point back to your intermediate content, and all your intermediate content needs to point back to your advanced content. Everything needs a call-to-action. Also, your “advanced” content doesn’t need to be more advanced than your intermediate content. I have just chosen those labels to make the progression obvious. In some cases, your advanced content could simply be the implementation of your intermediate content (in consulting, for example). The point is to build a sales funnel and guide your prospects through it, step by step, until they’re ready to spend money with you. By the time they get there, they won’t be calling anyone else … and that’s are goal.

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