Record Multiple Videos

Multiple Videos

The marketing potential of video content is a staple in my presentations. I alway go through the opportunities and attendees frequently get excited about the potential. But when I speak with them afterward, I generally discover that they stopped at producing just ONE video. One video? Why produce just one?

At the same time that I’m writing this blog post, I’m rendering a series of 80 videos I recorded over the weekend. I set up my light stands once. I positioned my camcorder once. I took a shower and shaved once. I got dressed once. But at the end of the day, I had video footage for a total of 80 chapters.

Now, just to be clear, it’s the editing that takes all the time. I will likely spend two or even three days going through the footage, chopping it into pieces, adding bumpers and overlays, rendering the videos and finally uploading them all to YouTube. But the point stands: I got ready for the shoot just ONCE but recorded footage for a whole series of videos.

I also feel the need to clarify that these videos were all about the book. I recorded one video for every single chapter and you can find them on YouTube but also on the chapter pages right here on this website. It is admittedly a lot easier to recorded multiple videos when you have content (ie., consecutive chapters) laid out right in front of you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t think of different series you could do for your own business.

There are two points to this blog post. First, be efficient with your time. The hard part of recording videos is the setup process. Once that’s done, record as much footage as you possibly can. If you’re hiring someone to help you with it, you’ll save a ton of money by doing it this way. Bring a change of clothes if you need to. But don’t stop recording until your throat is cracking dry!

The second point is that all the videos should be optimized for slightly different keyword phrases. In the case of my chapter videos, each one is optimized for the keywords of that particular chapter. Every chapter is about something different, so every video is optimized for different keywords. Nobody will watch all the videos. They’ll only the ONE they found, based on the keywords they were searching for.

This last point demonstrates the true power of the strategy. By recording multiple videos and optimizing them all differently, you’re casting your net far and wide, bringing people in through a variety of different keyword phrases. Don’t miss that opportunity by only recording a single video.



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