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Record a podcast!

A good friend of mine is planing to start an audio podcast to support the launch of her new book. Earlier today, I emailed her a few tips to get the process started and thought the same advise might help some of my own blog visitors. So here is what I told her:

Okay, so I use as my RSS host. It costs me $6 per month. The initial setup will be a bit frustrating. There are a number of different tabs that you have to go through and configure everything the way you want it. But once set up, it is extremely easy to upload new files (or “episodes”) whenever you like.

Once you have your account set up, you’ll need to “register” your new podcast with iTunes and all the podcast directories. For iTunes, just Google “register a podcast on iTunes” and you’ll find the latest instructions (I’m sure the process is different than it was when I first did this in 2006). For the podcast directories, Google “podcast directories” and you’ll find a ton of them. Visit each one and click the “register your podcast” link. It will be slightly different on each one but it’s really worth the effort. My latest statistics show that only about 30% of my downloads come from iTunes. The rest come from all these various podcast directories.

Also, what will you call your podcast? Obviously, it would be great to come up with a juicy sexy title that tantalizes potential listeners who come across your podcast. You should write a brief “bumper” for the beginning and end of each podcast – something like:

“Welcome to [show title]. My name is [your name]. The objective of this podcast is to [your primary objective]. Today’s podcast is all about … “

And then, at the end …

“Thanks again for tuning in. Please help us spread the word. There are millions of people who could benefit from this show. You can learn more at [website address]. See you next time!”

Lastly, I suggest you take a look at BlogTalkRadio as well. You can create your show on their platform and they have a free option for you to get started. You can also upgrade your account to one of their premium options. That will cost some money but they include some powerful features to help you spread the word.

Either way is fine with me. But before you get started, visit their platform and do a few searches for your primary keywords. You’ll find all your competitors and I suggest you listen to a few of their episodes. Also, once your book comes out, these are all people you should contact about doing an interview. Many of them will be quick to schedule you on their shows.

Good luck with this. Audio podcasts are extremely powerful. You can develop an extremely loyal audience that way. Most of your subscribers will listen to your episodes either when they’re (1) commuting to work, (2) at the gym or (3) walking their dog. And because they can hear your voice, they feel like they’re really getting to know you.

Give it a try and please keep me posted.



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