Sample Questions for Television Interviews

Patrick is available for television interviews. Here are some resources that may be useful for producers:

The following sample questions are designed for a roughly 4-minute television segment.

What are people doing to build their businesses using social media?

Well, I think the important thing to say first is that the vast majority of people on these platforms are just wasting time. The statistics are incredible. There are tons of people using these websites, and they might be having fun. They might be “being social”. But they’re not building revenue for the most part. They’re not attracting new clients!

Most of the people using these platforms haven’t figured it out yet. So for those people who haven’t given it a try yet, you’re not too late. You can easily start today and get spectacular results.

So what are the successful businesses doing?

One way or another, they’re identifying what they do that’s remarkable. What do you do that’s remarkable? What’s the definition of the word remarkable? It means it’s worth remarking about. What do you do that’s worth remarking about?

Once they have that figured out, they share it in a visual way. There are different types of content: text, audio, photos and video. What’s the most viral? Video! What’s in second place? Photos. People like interacting with visual content. So these businesses are demonstrating what they do that’s remarkable in a visual way.

And how do they create that type of visual content?

That’s the most interesting part of all. The content can come from one of two places. You can create the content yourself. In other words, the business can create and share content about itself. But the content can also come from its customers. The customers can create content about the business. What’s more viral? Customers!

Content that’s created by customers represents a third party endorsement so it appears far more credible. So how can you incentivize your customers to demonstrate what you do that’s remarkable in a visual way? That’s a winning formula. That’s the type of stuff that gets passed along. That’s the kind of stuff that “goes viral”. That’s the stuff that can help you build your business!

Tell us a bit about your book.

The book is more of an instruction manual. It has 80 chapters but they’re all super short. They’re each just 2 or 3 pages long and every single chapter ends with an Implementation Checklist so readers can take action immediately and see results quickly. My top priority was to give people an easy way to actually start doing this stuff the book really delivers on that.

The book covers dozens of marketing strategies. Sometimes, people ask me to sign them and they’re already jam-packed with notes and highlighter marks and squiggly lines. It’s great. People really work through those chapters and I’m constantly hearing stories of how it’s changed their businesses.

Thank you.



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